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The open audition for the -performance by Tomi Paasonen and Tiago Da Cruz will take place in the Barker-Theatre,  the Free Stage of Performing Arts in Turku, Saturday 16th of April 2011, 12 am. The audition is open for everybody. There is no need for registration in advance. The audition will be organised in Barker-theatre. is a dance performance combining science, art and technology. It explores the biological processes and the water of the Baltic Sea. is a part of the Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea -project and Turku 2011 -programme. The production partners are PAA and Capsula. features freezing, melting and subliminating water, projecting macro- and microscopic  imaging and ice that melts during the performance. It means that the dancers are going to deal with ice, water and nudity. The performance combines contemporary dance,  media- and sound art and it´s choreography is also inspired by the movement of the Baltic Sea plankton.

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Adam Zaretsky goes organic in Helsinki

After two days Art and Technoscience seminar in Kuvataideakatemia, Herbologies / Foraging Networks -seminar and workshops are about to begin. Adam Zaretsky went shopping to Hakaniemi, to one of the most popular food markets of the town. Tomorrow the workshop entitled: ‘How to Extract DNA from Anything Living in the Laboratory or in your Kitchen: A Compare and Contrast Vegetarian Laboratory and Hobbyist Workshop’ is organised in Kiasma, during the Pixelache Festival.

More photos of the VivoArts -workshop lead by Adam and other activities of Herbologies / Foraging Networks here:

Herbologies / Foraging Networks seminar & workshops 26-28th March, Helsinki

Seminar, discussions, hands-on workshops, harvesting the Windowfarms Finland garden in Kiasma…all about herbs,  plant and food foraging, urban honey collection, herb tincture preparations, dumpster-diving, bio-piracy, DNA -extraction….

Date: 27 March 2010, 13.00-17.00, 17.30-19.00
Location: Kiasma Seminar Room
Organisers: Ulla Taipale (FI/ES), Andrew Gryf Paterson (SCO/FI)
Complete information in: Herbologies/Foraging Networks Programme

Presentations and discussions

// 13.00: Introduction to full Herbologies/Foraging Networks programme

// 13:15: *Cultural Heritage*

Signe Pucena (LV): Herbs and cultural heritage, Baltic expeditions -project

Kultivator (SE): The Wedding between Art and Agriculture

// 14.00: *Urban Space*

Christina Stadlbauer (AT/BE): Honey foraging in urban environments

Dyykkaus Round table featuring Sirpa Kurppa, Nina Nordström and Jessica Suni (all FI)

Discussion in Finnish with projected English text ’side-channel’.

// 15.15: Break for 15 mins

// 15.30: *Information & Sharing*

Andrew Gryf Paterson (SCO/FI): Foraging networks online

Ossi Kakko (FI): Intellectual property/Bio-piratism

Sinikka Piippo (FI): Mielen ja kehon kuntoa kasveilla / Health of mind and body with herbs

++ 17.30: Vivoarts Workshop by Adam Zaretsky follows the Seminar..

Adam Zaretsky (US): Vivoarts Workshop

Renowned bioartist Adam Zaretsky (US) leads a hands-on lab in Pixelache Festival entitled: ‘How to Extract DNA from Anything Living in the Laboratory or in your Kitchen: A Compare and Contrast Vegetarian Laboratory and Hobbyist Workshop’. It will include a bio-political discussion on the difference between whole plant preparations and purified, ‘isolated’ extracts, with a risk assessment of intentional release ‘utilisation’ of Hybrid DNA.

The workshop will take place in Kiasma Seminar room on Saturday 27th March, from 1730-1900, and is free of charge. Held in English language, it has a limited number of spaces for involved persons (Maximum 25 participants), although another 15 are welcome to watch the proceedings.

Please register for involvement before 25.3. Look here for more information.

Herbologies Workshops in Botanic Gardens


Date: 28th March, 2010, 12-17
Location: Kaisaniemi Botanic Gardens, Helsinki.
Participants: Max. 16 persons in Herbal Tintures workshop. Please register to reserve a place.

Two interactive workshops, ‘Herbal Tinctures’ and ‘Fermentation Sermon’, teach artistic and ‘hands-on’/practical skills, and give DIY -tools to prepare and enjoy wild vegetables and local herbs following traditional and contemporary procedures.

The workshops start at 12.00 by Kiasma takaikkuna, where the participants will harvest the plants growing in Windowfarms Finland installation together with Signe Pucena and Ossi Kakko. From Kiasma, we all walk together to Botanical Garden in Kaisaniemi where the workshops take place.

These workshops are free of charge, but have a limited number of spaces (Max. 16 participants in Herbal Tinctures workshop).

Please register your interest to participate, and reserve a place by email
Before March 25th to: herbologies [-at-]
(please write which workshop you are applying to)

[*] Photo credits above: Herb collection – Signe Pucena, Dyykkaus table – cc Sigardus, Bee Observatory – cc Annemie Maes, Forest foraging – Ossi Kakko, Kultivator sign – cc Andrew Gryf Paterson

Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea 2010-2011

Open Call for projects  for finnish and estonian artists and creators and open for proposals for cross-disciplinary art expeditions to the Baltic Sea finished just before Christmas. We received 70 proposals, from which 5 were from estonian and 65 from finnish artists/groups of artists.

In the beginning of February the jury (director of the Turku University Research Institute of Archipelago Sea, prof. FT Ilppo Vuorinen, visual artist Terike Haapoja, artist-curator Juha Huuskonen and curator-producer Ulla Taipale) gathered together to choose the projects to be realised.

The selection of projects and artists  is:

**Kaarnavene/ Bark Boat by Antti Laitinen

**Pelastusalus Silakka / Rescue Boat Baltic Herring crew: Teemu Takatalo, Tommi Taipale, Ossi Kakko, Riku Ritvanen

**Green Matters by Mia Mäkelä

**Sonic Seascape Terrace by Hanna Haaslahti & Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski

** by  Tomi Paasonen & Tiago Da Cruz

More information about the projects will be available very soon!

Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea project is realised in collaboration with Finnish Bioart Society and is part of European capital for culture Turku2011  -programme.

Culture in COP15 / Ed Morris, GOOD

A “GOOD” mini-series by Ed Morris on the cultural happenings surrounding COP15:

“I wonder what it would have been like had the museums employed the same resources to do something more radical, such as give the entire space over to one or two artists capable of meaningful transformation, or have Erroll Morris put together a single series of messages from the art world to the people deciding our fate in the Bella Center, or simply shut off all the lights and let people cogitate that: “No more culture, only nature, from now on people.”

Or maybe this just isn’t the right time for the museums. The curators and framers were just doing their job. It’s a big conference, they have to do a big show. But, of course, that was precisely the problem. Meanwhile, I am noticing more and more of these little stickers and messages indicating that inaction might really, truly have its consequences.”

Click for the articles

Herbologies/Foraging Networks

Photos: ©© Windowfarms, Annemie Maes, Ossi Kakko, poster: Ulla Taipale

The ‘Herbologies/Foraging Networks’ programme of events, focused in Helsinki (Finland) and Kurzeme region of Latvia, explores the cultural traditions and knowledge of herbs, edible and medicinal plants, within the contemporary context of online networks, open information-sharing, biological and hydroponic technologies. See the entire programme.

The traditions of finding and knowing about wild food in the local Nordic environment are slipping away from the current generation. How can one attract their attention: With books, online maps, workshops, mobile-guided tours, open-source information or DNA code? Or learn how to grow them yourself, over the dark winter months? The Pixelache Festival events introduce the different meeting points between the three collaborating partners, include presentations by international artists and Finnish botanical experts; workshops sharing that knowledge with the public in Botanical Garden of Helsinki; a round-table discussion about foraging in the urban context; a manifestation of the ‘WindowFarms’ project by Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray(US) that will be built and exhibited in the Takaikkuna of Kiasma, the Museum of contemporary art of Helsinki.

Following, in a pre-midsummer expedition to rural Rucava in Kurzeme, Western Latvia, SERDE Interdisciplinary Art Group will lead fieldwork to learn about the cultural heritage of Balts using wild plants, and create documents for the younger ‘digital native’ generation. These events are organised as a collaboration between Andrew Paterson (SCO/FI), Ulla Taipale/Capsula (FI/ES) and Signe Pucena/SERDE (LV). The project is supported by KulturKontakt Nord, AVEK, and Austrian Embassy in Helsinki. The Botanical Garden of Helsinki University is a collaborating and incubating the Windowfarms plants in their greenhouses.

See The Bigger Picture – sustainable architecture?

Photo:Alex Marttunen

Finnish 12 years old Alex Marttunen  has won the first prize in See The Bigger Picture photography competition, launched by National Geographic. The picture of a crab, carrying it´s new house was taken in Thailand.


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