Global EcoForum

Capsula is collaborating with Eco-Union organisation in the first edition of an one day event Global EcoForum in the Centro Bonnemaison. On 7th October, 2008, several conferences dealing with eco-innovation, sustainability and social responsability are celebrated in the center of Barcelona. The presential part of this event consists of conferences and workshops in two auditorios of the Centre, and among the international participants are Cradle-to-Cradle designer Michael Baungart, architect Livia Tirone and educator Francesco Tonucci.

Two proposals by spanish artist MariCarmen G Mahadero will interrupt the day´s talking, her performatic action “En la ciudad” will bring a poetic imaging of the natural system to the urban context, meanwhile the screenings of the minimalistic video work “Pintando la naturaleza” remind us of the continous changes of the visual surroundings.

“Shiatsu” for eyes and ears, a performance called Naturology by visual composer SOlu, and musician ARBOL, that together conclude the extense programme of the day.

naturology stills by SOlu

naturology stills by SOlu

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