“Naturology” and “En la Ciudad” in Global EcoForum

The most complete description of the tree is both myth and botany.
Gregory Bateson

Eco-innovation and sustainability are often used in terms of something tangible and measurable, but can also go together with art and creativity. The artistic interventions of the first Global Eco-Forum are determined by limited time and space of the generous programme of the day. Yet, during these interventions the mind can rest and become recharged, as it does when one walks through a park or on a lake´s shore.

In her artistic work mcarmen gªmahedero reveals almost invisible secrets and details of the manipulated urban nature. Her new performance, En la Ciudad “In the City”, exhibits the personal space between of us and other human beings, and, perhaps other living beings, such as trees and plants? Through Pintando Naturaleza, “Painting Nature” , another of mcarmen´s works, shown in the auditorio, she subtly observes the changes of light and shadow and their visual effects on our environment.

The audiovisual performance of SOLU and Arbol is characterised by a great complicity and sinergy between of the two artists. The image and sound is combined, in flexible and fluid forms. The homage to the natural landscapes, digitalized and processed by SOLU, is repeated in the musical composition of Arbol. “Shiatsu for ears and eyes” – as SOLU describes the performance called Naturology, which vibrates positive energy, revitalising the public, through the images, melodies and organic movements, bringing to an end the intensive conference day.

Global EcoForum is organised by Eco-Union.

solu&arbol _ naturology

solu&arbol _ naturology

2 Responses to ““Naturology” and “En la Ciudad” in Global EcoForum”

  1. monica Says:

    suerte ulla, que vaya muy bien!


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