Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea 2010-2011

Open Call for projects  for finnish and estonian artists and creators and open for proposals for cross-disciplinary art expeditions to the Baltic Sea finished just before Christmas. We received 70 proposals, from which 5 were from estonian and 65 from finnish artists/groups of artists.

In the beginning of February the jury (director of the Turku University Research Institute of Archipelago Sea, prof. FT Ilppo Vuorinen, visual artist Terike Haapoja, artist-curator Juha Huuskonen and curator-producer Ulla Taipale) gathered together to choose the projects to be realised.

The selection of projects and artists  is:

**Kaarnavene/ Bark Boat by Antti Laitinen

**Pelastusalus Silakka / Rescue Boat Baltic Herring crew: Teemu Takatalo, Tommi Taipale, Ossi Kakko, Riku Ritvanen

**Green Matters by Mia Mäkelä

**Sonic Seascape Terrace by Hanna Haaslahti & Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski

** by  Tomi Paasonen & Tiago Da Cruz

More information about the projects will be available very soon!

Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea project is realised in collaboration with Finnish Bioart Society and is part of European capital for culture Turku2011  -programme.

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