Adam Zaretsky goes organic in Helsinki

After two days Art and Technoscience seminar in Kuvataideakatemia, Herbologies / Foraging Networks -seminar and workshops are about to begin. Adam Zaretsky went shopping to Hakaniemi, to one of the most popular food markets of the town. Tomorrow the workshop entitled: ‘How to Extract DNA from Anything Living in the Laboratory or in your Kitchen: A Compare and Contrast Vegetarian Laboratory and Hobbyist Workshop’ is organised in Kiasma, during the Pixelache Festival.

More photos of the VivoArts -workshop lead by Adam and other activities of Herbologies / Foraging Networks here:

2 Responses to “Adam Zaretsky goes organic in Helsinki”

  1. j.w. fail Says:

    This was brilliant. I posted my thoughts and some poorly-taken photos on my site (


  2. progettazione negozi Says:

    great blog. I will follow you also on the new address. Keep up the goods!


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