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The open audition for the -performance by Tomi Paasonen and Tiago Da Cruz will take place in the Barker-Theatre,  the Free Stage of Performing Arts in Turku, Saturday 16th of April 2011, 12 am. The audition is open for everybody. There is no need for registration in advance. The audition will be organised in Barker-theatre. is a dance performance combining science, art and technology. It explores the biological processes and the water of the Baltic Sea. is a part of the Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea -project and Turku 2011 -programme. The production partners are PAA and Capsula. features freezing, melting and subliminating water, projecting macro- and microscopic  imaging and ice that melts during the performance. It means that the dancers are going to deal with ice, water and nudity. The performance combines contemporary dance,  media- and sound art and it´s choreography is also inspired by the movement of the Baltic Sea plankton.

Two dancers will be selected by the audition. Dancers would preferably live in Turku or nearby.  The project doesn´t offer the housing during the period of rehearsal or the performance.

The dance auditions will be in the new dancehall of the Barker-Theatre. Bring with your CV and what you feel you`ll need. Housing or transport costs are not  covered  by organisers. Some snacks will be available.

Schedule of
15.-28.8.2011: Residence by Saaren Kartano/Kone Foundation, period of rehearsal
26.9-12.10. 2011: Barker-Theatre, The Free Stage of Performing Arts in Turku, period of rehearsal
13.10-28.10.2011: Barker-Theatre, The Free Stage of Performing Arts in Turku, performances

More informatio:

Choreographer:                                                Barker-Theatre & the producer
Tomi Paasonen                                                Laura Taberman                             +358223 383 903

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