Vol.at.ilit.y dance performance explores the waters of the Baltic Sea

Vol.at.ilit.y dance performance explores water as connective element and its molecular shifts from vapor to liquid and ice. Using water in its different states, both as stage elements, source for musical composition and as a metaphor of human mental states and bonds towards each other, Vol.at.ilit.y combines art, science, technology and nature melting them into a poetic experience. The group of three dancers, audio designer Kirill Lorech, costume designer Merja Markkula and coregrapher Tomi Paasonen spend an intensive  working period  in the Kone Saari Residency.

Kimmo Alakunnas, Rea-Liina Brunou and Linda Sointu dancing in the Baltic Sea.

Vol.at.ilit.y will be shown in Barker -theatre, Virusmäentie 65, Turku, Finland in six performances.

Premiere 20th October, 2011, 7 pm
22.10. 7 pm
24.10. 7 pm
26.10. 7 pm
28.10. 7 pm
30.10. 4 pm

Tickets, 13€ /11€, may be reserved from
volatilitypaa@gmail.com, and bought in Barker-theatre before each performance and online (www.lippu.fi) with service fee.

Volatility team:
Concept – Tomi Paasonen and Tiago Da Cruz
Choreography – Tomi Paasonen
Dancers – Linda Sointu, Rea-Liina Brunou and Kimmo Alakunnas
Stage- and Lighting Design – Samu Viitanen
Soundscape – Kirill Lorech
Costumes – Merja Markkula
Microscoping – Jorma Paranko and Merja Markkula
Production – Marja Mäenpää
Curator of ‘Expedition to the Baltic Sea’ – Ulla Taipale

Vo.at.ilit.y is a co-production between Paa, Capsula and Barker-theatre. It is part of Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea and belongs to the Turku2011 programme.

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