Capsula website is being reshaped

This website is currently not being updated and is almost obsolete. The new site will be announced in the near future.

Meanwhile, the on-going, collaborative or collateral long-term programs and projects of Capsula such as

*Climate Whirl – Arts Program at INAR (Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research), University of Helsinki (2012 ->)

**Melliferopolis – Platform for artistic strategies related with urban pollinators (2012 – >)

***The Other Side – Aural space for bee literature and listening (2016 ->)

and ****Chorus Sinensis – Audiovisual piece for Great Cormorants and a choir under the Conference of the Birds platform

have their own webpages. Please click and visit directly to these sites!

The progress of the work of Erich Berger, who was rewarded with the Accelerate Finland prize, an artist-in-residence at Arts at CERN in partnership with Capsula in 2019 – is finally starting. He will begin the residency remotely in February 2021 with virtual visits and talks with scientists. The news of these conversations and virtual visits. and hopefully later the real residency at CERN are published at Arts at CERN and Erich FB page.

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