Capsula´s work focuses on the meeting point between art, science and nature. Its main mission is to build bridges for dialogues between disciplines and to stimulate critical thinking through exchanges of knowledge about subjects of contemporary debate. It was launched as a curatorial research group in 2005 in Barcelona, Spain by two independent curators Mónica Bello Bugallo (ES), and Ulla Taipale (FI), whose principal interest lays in the relation between art and natural sciences and in environmental culture.

Bello and Taipale developed together (2006-2008) several long-term projects  that engaged artists, scientists, thinkers and cultural agents internationally. In 2006 and 2007 they curated and organised Days of Bioart (Dias de Bioarte) in collaboration with Centro de Arte Santa Mónica in Barcelona and Biology Faculty of University of Barcelona. These two events presented works by the leading bioartists in lectures, workshops, exhibition and round table discussions. SymbioticA Tissue Engineering and Art -workshop was organised in the laboratory of Biology in University of Barcelona.

Another project produced and curated by Capsula was Neurótica (2006-08). It is divided in three categories that study the fears and anxciousness related with the rapid development of technologies in contemporary society. The three main areas of study are “bio”, “habitat” and “the other”. Capsula organised two Neurótica sessions, Neurótica:bio and Neurótica: habitat under the programme NOW in CCCB and a second part of Neurótica:bio within Intermediae -programme in El Matadero of Madrid.

In the beginning of 2008 Curated Expeditions -project was lauched and started by Ulla Taipale. The first expedition,  Expedition to the Total Eclipse happened in Siberia, Russia and was a collaboration with the Novosibirk Zoological Park.  The art expedition resulted three new art works by Agnes Meyer-Brandis / The Moon Goose Experiment, Mireia C. Saladrigues / Zoolar Eclipse and Tommi Taipale / Journey to the Eclipse, that were shown in 2009 as an exhibition Kiasma Mediatheque, within Pixelache2009 Festival -programme.

The second Curated Expedition, organised together with researcher and artist Merja Markkula is focused to the phenomena and ecosystems of the Baltic Sea, and was shown as a part of Turku2011, European Capital of Culture -programme as an exhibition and dance performance. Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea is documented in texts, pictures and videos that can be found in the website.

Other projects that Capsula took part  are Biorama I-II (Digital Reseach Unit, Huddersfield, UK), Taxonomies (2009) ( Comafosca, Alella, Spain) Herbologies/Foraging Networks, (2009-10) ( Pixelache Festival / Kiasma / Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden /Serde  in Finland and Latvia) and Halikonlahti Green Art Trilogy (2011) (Salo Veturitalli Museum, Finland), Climate Whirl project (2012->) with forest scientists from University of Helsinki and Melliferopolis -Honeybees in Urban Environments (2012->) with Christina Stadlbauer.

Capsula was registered as a non-profit society in Finland in November 2010.

Ulla Taipale is a Finnish independent curator, creative producer and director of Capsula. Cross-disciplinary expeditions, natural phenomena and bio-scientific research is often a starting point for her work. In the recent years she co-directed the  setting up of the Biofilia-Base for Biological Arts at Aalto University (Finland) with a team of experts, worked as a partner in the Melliferopolis -Honeybees in Urban Environments in Helsinki and in the Climate Whirl team, together with University of Helsinki researchers of climate and forest ecology.

Biography and CV of Ulla Taipale can be downloaded here:

Ulla Taipale CVeng_October2017

ulla taipale


phone: +358 40 5110 214 / Finland


8 Responses to “Capsula”

  1. fidias Says:

    hacen ustedes un trabajo excelente


  2. salomé Says:

    On us podem trobar?
    hi ha alguna cosa en actiu aquests dies?


  3. 1st Expedition to Zoo of Novosibirsk, Russia « Curated Expeditions Says:

    […] and experiencing fascinating earthly phenomena through artistic investigation. In parallel, Capsula wants to revive leisurely traveling experiences, which have been cast aside by the frantic pace of […]


  4. Luis Cordoba Says:

    Felicitaciones muy interesante proyecto, saludos desde Montevideo, Luis


  5. Alejandro Turell Says:

    Muy buenos guiones curatoriales y buenísimos resultados plásticos-estéticos y verdaderas investigaciones, buen removedor. Les mando un abrazo y espero poder realizar algo en conjunto a futuro. Desde el Sur del Sur … A.Turell


  6. Luis cordoba Says:

    Hola Gente, Hola Ulla muy interesante la propuesta me intesa…! saludos desde Montevideo en Uruguay


  7. sdfsdfsdfsfd Says:

    фывфывфыв фыв фыв


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