Highlights 2007 ->


Accelerate Finland, an open call for entries for Finnish artists, interested in carrying out artistic research at CERN. The Accelerate programme is a partnership with Arts at CERN.

2012 ->

Climate Whirl is an arts programme rooted in the cross-disciplinary research being done at the Helsinki University Hyytiälä forestry field station and SMEAR II station in Finland. The Arts Programme engages artists to interpret and disseminate scientific knowledge about the interactions between forests and the atmosphere. The programme is curated by Ulla Taipale.

The open call for artist-in-residence (2019) can be found here


Biofilia -Base for Biological Arts: building of a new biological arts laboratory in Otaniemi Aalto Campus  in collaboration with SymbioticA, Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr.

Launchment of long-term projects Melliferopolis-Honeybees in Urban Environments and Climate Whirl. 


Herbologies/Foraging Networks with Andrew Paterson and Signe Pucena.


29th June, Festival Natureza: Arte e Ciência, workshop and presentation of Curated Expeditions  and Aalto Biofilia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Expedition to the Baltic Sea; Exhibition 28.5.-31.8.2011  and a dance performance in October 2100 in the programme of Turku2011,  European Capital of Culture 2011

Halikonlahti Green Art 2011, co-curating of the Food Chains Exhibition with Tuula Nikulainen  in Salo Art Museum Veturitalli, Finland

August 26th, Symposium: Archipelago Logic: Towards Sustainable Future, as a part of CAA – Contemprary Art Archipelago


November 12th, Kone nimeltä kuraattori – seminar, SKY (Suomen Kuraattorien Yhdistys ry), Kiasma, Finland

September 18th, Harvesting Party, Pispala Pumpking house, Herbologies/Foraging networks -presentation together with other Herbo-team, Tampere, Finland

September 14th Article 2010, in Stavanger, Norway presentation of Herbologies / Foraging Networks -project

August 28th, ISEA Duisburg, Germany  Herbologies/Foraging networks -presentation and workshops with Andrew Paterson, Signe Pucena and Ossi Kakko.

June 20-27th SERDE in Aizpute, Latvia, Herbologies gathering and Jaani (mid summer ) celebrities

March 26-28th Herbologies/Foraging networks in Pixelache Festival 2010, a  collaboration project with Andrew Paterson/Pixelache and Signe Pucena/SERDE.

March 24-25th “Art and technoscience-practices in transformation”, Art Academy, Helsinki

February – jury selects the art projects for the Expedition to the Baltic Sea

whole year  – 2º Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea, production of new artworks


October -Launching and Open Call for projects, Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea, as a part of the Turku European Capital of Culture 2011 programme

October – Global Eco-Forum, Barcelona, presentations by Raquel Rennó and MªCarmen Maherero.


Ulla Taipale, Raquel Rennó and MC Mahedero in Global Ecoforum09

August – Symposium for Art and Renewable Technologies, RIXC, Aizpute, Latvia


June – Curated Expedition presentation in Biorama II Huddersfield, UK, in  Digital Research Unit

June 4th – Eclipse Happening in Kiasma Theatre and URSA observatory, Helsinki

May – Participation to web forum and seminar Transversalia.net by Clara Boj and Art Centre El Laboral in Gijón, Spain, for secondary school teachers – “Exploration of the environment through natural phenomena and arts”.

Abril – Presentation “Curated Expeditions – Expedition to the Total Eclipse” in Art, Science & Nature -seminar “Spacecraft Earth” in Pixelache09 Festival


March – Opening and presentation of Expedition to the Total Eclipse – exhibition in Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki, as a part of Pixelache09 Festival (6th March – 7th June, 2009)

Kiasma Theatre, 6th March, Presentation of Expedition to the Total Eclipse,Ulla Taipale, Mireia C. Saladrigues, Tommi Taipale, Agnes Meyer-Brandis photo: Antti Ahonen

Kiasma Theatre, 6th March, Presentation of Expedition to the Total Eclipse,Ulla Taipale, Mireia C. Saladrigues, Tommi Taipale, Agnes Meyer-Brandis photo: Antti Ahonen

February – March Artistic production residence, hosted by HIAP in  Suomenlinna, Helsinki,

Ulla Taipale in Suomenlinna fortress island during her residency

Ulla Taipale in Suomenlinna fortress island during her residency

January – Conference  in Master in Multimedia Design, Elisava Design School , Barcelona


November – Conference “El bosque como recurso material y espiritual  – el caso de Finlandia” The forest as a material   and spiritual resource – case study of Finland for students of Master of Landscape architecture  in    ETSAB /UPC.

Agosto 2008      Presentation of the 1ª Curated Expedition in the Russian Institute in Helsinki, as a part of Night of Arts programme.

October – Artistic direction of  Global EcoForum, in Espai Bonnemaison, Barcelona

July – August – The first Curated Expedition to the zone of total solar eclipse in Siberia with Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Mireia C. Saladrigues and Tommi Taipale

May – Kilpisjärvi Biological Station – Bioart seminar and Finnish Bioart Association foundation, Lapland,  Finland

April – Presentation  Bioarts, Experiencing and esperimenting biological matter  through arts Grassroots, Art&Ecology Conference in Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, Finland

Para ver más fotos de los eventos / For more photographs check http://www.flickr.com/photos/000capsula000

19 January – Topofilias, proyección de dos películas documentales y charla de Josep Mañá, Comafosca, Alella

Charla Topofilias_Josep Maña

Josep Mañá in Comafosca Taxonomies programme


1 December – Neurótica:hábitat in CCCB, Barcelona, as part of NOW, Encuentros en el Presente Contínuo with Joan Rieradevall, Vaclac Cilek (in the picture) and Alex Steffen

habitat _ NOW_ Vaclac Cilek

Ulla Taipale, Joan Rieradevall and Vaclac Cilek in NOW / CCCB

27 Noviembre – “Bioarte, en los límites del arte”, Cultura Digital, Fundació Pilar y Joan Miró de Palma, Mallorca

24 Noviembre – Round table Taxonomías, with Andy Gracie, Ramón Guardans and Vicens Jorda,

Comafosca, Alella

Andy Gracie & Ramón Guardans

Andy Gracie and Ramon Guardans in Comafosca Taxonomies programme

17 Noviembre – Presentación de artista en Taxonomías, con Andy Gracie hablando de Autoinducer PH1

Andy Gracie y Autoinducer Ph1

Andy Graci and Phumox project

20 Octubre – Neurótica:bioII, Intermediae, Madrid, with Critical Art Ensemble and Eugene Thacker


6 Octubre – Taller Elf-Scanner, dirigido por Agnes Meyer-Brandis, en Comafosca, Alella

Elf Scan Workshop by Agnes Meyer-Brandis

Agnes Meyer-Brandis during Elf Scanner workshop in Comafosca Taxonomies programme

5 Octubre – Inauguración Taxonomías, en Comafosca, Alella,

con obras de Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Andy Gracie y Brandon Ballageé.

Exhibition Taxonomies

13 de Julio Biorama Hike, Huddersfield, Reino Unido en Digital Research Unit

7 Junio – Taller de Arte & Biología de Adam Zaretsky en el Centro de Arte Santa Mónica, Barcelona

Adam Zaretsky_workshop

Adam Zaretsky and Vivoarts workshop in Centro de Arte Santa Mónica, Barcelona


16 Marzo – 10 Junio – Dias de Bioarte 07 – Espacio de Consulta en el Centro de Arte Santa Mónica, Barcelona

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