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Strict vegan diet to feed a hydroponic garden

I’ve just been recommended to check in this blog this amazing project called N=1=NPK=KIMCHI=N (try do not forget the name!) by Korean artist Jae Rhime Lee.

The project began with a customized diet designed to transform her urine into an ideal nutrient solution for plants. She tested her urine, followed a strict vegan diet which included lots of tofu and spinach, and built a mobile urine recycling unit outfitted with a urinal, bed, table, urine processing system, and hydroponic garden. She grew napa cabbages hydroponically with her urine, made kimchi from the cabbages, and served the kimchi to the public. Jae Rhim is currently doing research for a film/design project about life preservation.


Biorama reports

Great reports, commentaries and visual documentation of Biorama in we-love-money-not-art:

and C-Lab:

many thanks!