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Workshop directed by Agnes Brandis-Meyer_6th October


Workshop: Tools to Search & Core Sample Scanning

Saturday 6th October 2007 . 5 pm @ Comafosca, Node d’art i pensament a Alella, Barcelona, Spain

Examination of deep earth and other layers of reality. A workshop with Agnes Meyer-Brandis, founder of the Forschunsgfloss / Research Raft for Subterranean Reefology“, a small institute whose chief aim is to explore and confirm subterranean phenomena. The workshop includes a short expedition into deep earth layers, methods, ethics, search tools, discoveries and field work activity of the Research Raft. Furthermore you will also have the opportunity to investigate some core samples from location with the “Elf-Scanner”, the core sample scanner developped by the Research Raft.

As part of “taxonomies”, a project by CAPSULA and COMAFOSCA



contact: info@capsula.org.es