Days of Bioart06-07

Días de Bioarte 06

poster dias de bioarte 06


Días de Bioarte 07, Centro de Arte Santa Mónica, Barcelona

portada boletin dias de bioarte 07

Espacio de Consulta and VivoArts Workshop by Adam Zaretsky

Zaretsky is a bioartist, performer, researcher and art theorist whose work focuses on Biology and Art Wet Lab Practice. He has been lecturing and doing research in some of the most prestigious institutes around the world, including the MIT’s Department of Biology, the Conceptual/Information Arts department at San Francisco State University, SymbioticA at The University of Western Australia and at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the Integrated Electronic Arts Department.

Zaretsky teaches Vivoarts, an emerging and politically charged field that brings together art and biology. The Vivoarts: Biology and Art Studio course explores the intersection between art and biology and discusses the many cultural issues involved in bioart -and more generally in the field of life sciences- through a blend of hands-on laboratory protocols, critical readings, and the production of contemporary artwork. The ethics of producing living art are debated and made more tangible and understandable by the use of living material/organisms into the class final projects.

– Bio art has only just started existing. There’s no manifesto written by bio artists, just a desire to remind us that we are alive;
– Bio artists invite us to look behind the curtain of life;
– Engaging with life never comes without some controversy, whether you are an artist or a scientist;
– We need people who are not scientists, who do not work for corporations but who are creative individuals ready to get their hands ‘wet’ and dirty and shape their own opinion about the way scientific development is going to leave an imprint on our life.

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