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Hardly any posts have been published in this site during the last three years. Capsula people have been busy with intensive projects and the “home capsule” has been abandoned. The summer 2014 will activate the blog, but first I must look back and tell about what Ulla Taipale and Merja Markkula have been doing after Capsula Curated Expedition project was organized in the framework of the Turku2011 European Cultural Capital year.

In 2011 Ulla Taipale was approached by Aalto University in Helsinki/Espoo to set up a laboratory and program dedicated to biological arts, in collaboration with the founders and directors of SymbioticA – Centre of Excellence for Biological Arts Ionat Zurr and Oron Catts.

Biofilia – Base for Biological Arts was officially opened in February 2013 in Otaniemi Campus, Espoo. The same year Biofilia hosted five hands-on workshops interrelating artistic and scientific research and thought. The workshop were led by Oron Catts&Ionat Zurr / Biotech Art Workshop, Leena Valkeapää / The Biology of Snow, Christina Stadlbauer&Lina Kusaite / Melliferopolis Workshop II: Understanding the Essence of Flowers – Exploring Pollen, Andy Gracie / Drosophila titanus- Designer Babies and Marc Dusselier/NanoHacking: Converging Life and Tech at the Nanoscale.

Ulla run two academic courses for Aalto students together with Biofilia lab manager Marika Hellman, in fall 2013 Biofilia: Art and Biosciences Course and in spring 2014 Dinner´s ready course, that culminated with incredible Cook Show ArtMeatFlesh Helsinki at Flavour Studio at Abattoir, Helsinki.

This year Ulla will continue working on the research projects Melliferopolis-Honeybees in Urban Environments with Christina Stadlbauer and Climate Whirl Project with University of Helsinki researchers Eija Juurola and Janne Korhonen, so it will be again a year full of interesting activities.

Merja Markkula decided to bring Kuusisto Manor House in Kaarina in life and is organizing the second Kuusisto Art Manor exhibition with lot of activities during the summer season 2014. The exhibition topic is Water and it is open until the end of August 2014.







Rescue Boat Baltic Sea / Pelastusalus Silakka (fin) exhibited in Huuto Gallery

Silakka, the brave catamaran made out of waste, has been invited to be part of the Estomania exhibition in Huuto Gallery in  Helsinki, Finland.


Poster of Estomania exhibition.

Poster of Estomania exhibition.

The 2013 Estomania begins with a festival during the opening weekend (Fri 25 Oct – Sun 27 Oct), which includes not only the opening ceremony but also performances poetry, music and circus acts by both Estonian and Finnish artists. ( ) …It is about the joy of doing things together, the relevance of art, romance, friendship, beauty, rebellion and glamour. 

Silakka artists Teemu Takatalo, Tommi Taipale and Juha Mehtäläinen recently published a book about the journey of the raft during 2010-2013, and this book is sold in the exhibition but also in different spots in Helsinki and Tampere.

After the book launch, celebrated in Tampere in 10th September, the artists parked the raft on 12th September on the pier of Helsinki Market Square for a sunny afternoon, where the book was promoted for by-passing citizens of Helsinki.

Sorry, the rest of the text only in finnish:

Syyskuun 12. päivä, 2013 Pelastusalus Silakka rantautui Helsingin keskustaan. Turun kulttuuripääkaupunkivuonna 2011 turkulaisia viranomaisia riemastuttanut alus kellui kesäisen syyspäivän Kolera-altaassa, nyt lastinaan miehistönsä Takatalon, Taipaleen ja Mehtäläisen taiteilema parisataasivuinen kirja, jonka sivuilla katamaraanin kannella purjehtineiden kutsuvieraiden painavat mietteet ja Itämeren suloja ja kauhuja esittävät valokuvat ovat kovien kansien välissä. Jos haluaa nähdä missä tilanteissa keskustelut käytiin, dvd kirjan mukana tekee tapahtumapaikat konkreettisiksi. (

Eiran ja Kauppatorin välillä jaloittelevat paikalliset ja turistit lehteilivät uteliaina uunituoretta kirjaa, saaden näin syyn jäädä tarkastelemaan aluksen yksityiskohtia ja arvailemaan sen merikelpoisuutta. Väittäisin näkeneeni useamman iäkkäämmän mieshenkilön katseessa kaihoa, välähdyksen toivomuksesta seikkailuun…kaihosta joka on helppo kätkeä miehekkääseen hymäilyyn nuorempien saavutuksen edessä.

“Tuo on kyllä arvokas vene”, kommentoi parikymppinen mies ja jatkaa; “ihanko totta olette sen itse tehneet? Ihan käsityötä.” Hän palaa hetken päästä takaisin ja tuo mukanaan tyttöystävän, jolle hän haluaa ehdottomasti esitellä veneen ihan kannelta käsin. Vilpitön ihailu kuultaa hänen sanoistaan.

“Onko täällä Silakkaa myytävänä?” Kysyy vanha rouva. “Koska ne silakka-markkinat alkaa?”

Samana päivänä Hakaniemen hallissa kertovat että silakka on pyyntikiellossa.

En voi olla heittämättä tähän otetta Richard Thompson Coonin tekstistä How fares the art of organic living?

As members of our mature, gender-sensitive Baltic democracies, as stewards of the Baltic Sea, as citizens of the world, as neighbors, sisters and brothers, we welcome competition that demonstrates our abilities to find satisfaction through the lowest possible consumption of energy and natural resources – that our grandchildren, here and in the Global South, may live full lives.

Love is nothing if not a pro-active mixture of passion and compassion, but passion, thus also compassion, is hopeless if not dangerous in the absence of respect for ecosystems. We love to build in good, local wood, with bricks from glacial mud. We love root tar, pine soap, soft boreal water, mats from old linen bed-covers and tractors that out-last their purchasers.

We love living with the seasons. We love our berries and mushrooms, our own strong apples, plums and pears. And what about the Baltic Sea?

Like fresh bread, the price of fish is going up. Like the parched, degraded grasslands of central Russia, the Baltic Sea is producing less and less edible human food. Why?

What is happening in the mud at the bottom of the sea tells the story of love – the story of who and what is controlling our emotional and material input and output.

Every Baltic citizen can demand, has the right to demand and must demand fresh, organic food from within the Baltic Basin. We only need to demand just that and we will find that we are able, together, to correct the sustainable development equation.

Richard Thompson Coon, Suomenlinna, July 2010 ( read here the entire text)

Pelastusalus Silakka-kirjan voi ostaa suoraan s-postiosoittessa

tai kirjakaupoista Helsingissä ja Tampereella:

* Tamperelta Tulenkantajien kirjakauppa, Hämeenpuisto 25, puh: 045-3489688, email:

* Helsingissä Mustan kanin kolo, Hämeentie 28 sekä kaikista Rosebud kirjakaupoista, esim. Kiasman kirjakauppa.

* Verkkotilaukset: Palladium Kirjat – tai suoraan Silakan miehistöltä

Kirjan hinta on 35€ (+tilatessa postikulut 5€) dance performance on-line!

The dance performance by coreographer Tomi Paasonen is now to be seen on-line, here the trailer and the full version is to be seen also in Vimeo. is a staged media dance installation that explores water as connective element, transforming itself molecularly from liquid to ice and vapor. Using water in its three different states, both as stage elements, source for musical composition and as a metaphor regarding the human mental bonds towards each other, this piece fuses science, technology, nature and art into kinetic poetry.

Dancers are Kimmo Alakunnas, Rea-Liina Brunou and Linda Sointu and it is  a coproduction by PAA,  Capsula and Barker Teatteri Turku. The piece premiered as part of Turku2011 EU Cultural Capital Programme at Barker Teatteri – Turku, Finland.

Deeply human expedition

Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea, the last project by Capsula, finished in the end of 2011  within Turku2011, the Finnish Capital of Culture. The artworks created during 2010-11 are presented in Capsula Expeditions -website and little by little the pages will be updated with the rest of the material, documentation and texts. Some collegues and collaborators have contributed the website with texts, here the Deeply human expedition by Raquel Rennó, brazilian researcher and semiotician.

The Expeditions will continue after some time have passed for reflections, rest and new inspiration! Thank you for all that took part as artists, collaborators, funders, audience or/and friends.

Deeply human expedition

Since Plato´s Allegory of the Cave we search for a way to unchain men that have only seen shadows and echoes and take them to the light, where they can se “the real thing”. Beside philosophy, some believe that one of men´s greatest value, creativity, could be a path to take men outside the cave. Itsuo Sakane says: “in such society as ours, in which one tends to be unable to distinguish between reality and artificial reality and ends up chasing daydream, the healing power of art is most effective.”1 Nevertheless, wouldn´t it be a paradox to think that art (not only by the opposition nature vs. culture, but also based on the etymological meaning of art, the manifestation of human activity, as in artificial vs. natural) could help experiencing nature more deeply?

Read the rest of this entry » dance performance explores the waters of the Baltic Sea dance performance explores water as connective element and its molecular shifts from vapor to liquid and ice. Using water in its different states, both as stage elements, source for musical composition and as a metaphor of human mental states and bonds towards each other, combines art, science, technology and nature melting them into a poetic experience. The group of three dancers, audio designer Kirill Lorech, costume designer Merja Markkula and coregrapher Tomi Paasonen spend an intensive  working period  in the Kone Saari Residency.

Kimmo Alakunnas, Rea-Liina Brunou and Linda Sointu dancing in the Baltic Sea. will be shown in Barker -theatre, Virusmäentie 65, Turku, Finland in six performances. Read the rest of this entry »

Lunch with seven Cows

A beatiful and memorable encounter between cows and humans was celebrated on 28th August in Tammenpää milk farm in western coast of Finland, Angelniemi. Seven Eyeshire cows: Narcis, Urania, Andorra, Tooticki, Äppel, Fauna and Eddy, were the honoured guests, invited to have a lunch with some 20 human guests, spending a marvellous afternoon together around the same table.

The ingredients of the meal were peas, rye and apples. Photo: Sami Perttilä

The concept for this meal of cows and humans is by Kultivator artist group, that has “married” the art and agriculture and work their “agri-artistic” projects from Ooland island next to Swedish coast. Angelniemi based Kia and Matts Boijer hosted the Lunch with Cows in their organic farm, Mikko Kivelä cooked delicious soup of  fresh peas, baked bread, with an  apple desert. We drunk milk.

Since almost ten thousand years now, we live very close to each other, and has indeed affected each others lives and beings a great deal. Our relation has been practical and very close physical, but we have not yet really grown into exchanging a lot of thoughts, or even trying to meet at an intellectual level. This informal lunch meeting intends to be a small start of a more mature and interesting way of being together. We have no prepared speakers, no translators or list of topics that must be discussed, but! Questions about our future relation, and sustainable survival may come up!  KULTIVATOR

Cows did not hurry away from the table after the feast, they stayed calmly next to the table after finishing their plates. We were told, that next day, at the same time, they we waiting to eat together with us by the table. This makes me happy, the desire to spend some time together has been reciprocal – and I am waiting for the next chance to make this happen.

Mats Boijer feeding his cows. Photo: Ulla Taipale

The lunch was documented by Petra Kallio, Sami Perttilä, Andrea Vanuchhi and Jarmo Markkanen in paintings, photographs and video.  The framework of the event is Halikonlahti Green Art -project, an initiative of artist and curator Tuula Nikulainen and Sunny Future association. The exhibition, called Food Chains, will be opened at Salo Art Museum next Friday, 9th September. It is curated by Tuula Nikulainen and Ulla Taipale. More information about the exhibition here.

Hope you enjoy seeing the video – and feel free to rethink your own relationship with the cows – or others that you did not have a meal with before!

Curated Expeditions -site is online!

Fresh material of Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea can be found now in

The contents of the first Expedition to the Total Eclipse are still under construction, but will be updated before the end of the year.