Spanish science programme Redes documented Days of Bioart 06, organised in Centro de Arte Santa Mónica and Faculty of Biology of Barcelona University. José Eugenio Marchesi, spanish bioartist was interwieved for the programme ¿clonar, para que? (14/3/2006)

An interview realised by siberian TV channel 49 in Novosibirsk Zoo, the destiny of the 1st Curated Expedition couple of days before the total solar eclipse of 1st August, 2008. Catalonian artist Mireia C. Saladrigues and Capsula curator Ulla Taipale are interviewed.

Press clips 2008-9

Curated Expeditions:

A minima_october 2008 (english/español)

ES Educació i Sosteniblitat _october 2009 (catalá)

Keskus Kulttuuri_october 2009 (estonian)

Inspire Magazine_november 09 (slovakian)

PRESS 06 –>

Press clips DÍAS DE BIOARTE 06-07

the rest in construction…


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