Forest-Climate-Time, Helsinki


Climate Whirl // Forest – Climate – Time

5-6.4. 2017, Helsinki

The subtle changes happening over the course of long periods of time can be understood via persistent work, trial and error, and through broad observation and thought combining various disciplines. Forest-Climate-Time gives the floor to the explorers of climates, life and time, for those who approach their research topics from multiple angles. Neither subjects nor viewpoints are tied to certain disciplines or species. Instead, we look for encounters and interplay between sciences, arts, people, trees and other organisms. The event is realised by Climate Whirl team.

The guests are academy professor Timo Vesala (University of Helsinki), artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE), filmmaker Lotta Petronella, historian Laura Hollsten (Åbo Akademi), professor emeritus Ilppo Vuorinen (University of Turku), sound artist Lau Nau (FI), artist group IC-98 (FI), professor emeritus  of Environmental Politics Yrjö Haila (University of Tampere). Forest Cocktail by chef Sami Tallberg.  The workshops are lead by forest researchers Kourosh Kabiri, Janne Korhonen (University of Helsinki) and artist Mari Keski-Korsu(FI). The program is curated by Ulla Taipale, and, supported by  Kone Foundation and the Goethe-Institut Finnland.

The event will be realised during a 2-day programme in April 2017;
-a seminar on Wednesday 5th April at WHS Theatre Union, (Siltavuorenranta 18, Helsinki), free entrance
-an active trekking and exploration day on Thursday 6th April at Vuosaari territory, forest and a sauna (registration fee 20€)

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A Tea Ceremony deep in the shade of SMEAR Forest

Tealemetree Station, a permanent sculpture by Agnes Meyer-Brandis was inaugurated during a small and intimate tea-drinking ceremony in the SMEAR Research Forest in the middle of Finland.

The Station is meant for the the encounters occurring within the forest, to get in touch with other researches and the trees, visiting Hyytiälä Forest Station. Agnes spent time in Hyytiälä as an artist-in-residency in Climate Whirl program by University of Helsinki and Capsula, and funded by Kone Foundation.

Tea = a traditional beverage made from steeping the processed leaves, buds in water.
Telemetry = The word is derived from Greek roots: tele = remote, and metron = measure.
Tree = There is no universally recognised precise definition of what a tree is, neither botanically nor in common language.

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Tealemetree Station Hyytiälä, Agnes Meyer-Brandis © VG Bildkunst

Tealemetree Station Hyytiälä, Agnes Meyer-Brandis © VG Bildkunst

A permanent Tealemetree Station will be installed in the SMEAR II forest

Next week, 13th August, 2015,  a birthday party is celebrated in a bizarre laboratory-like forest at SMEAR II station, in the University of Helsinki Hyytiälä Forestry Station. SMEAR II (Station for Measuring Ecosystem-Atmosphere Relations) is lead by Professor Markku Kulmala and is an international meeting point for research for atmospheric sciences, now already for 20 years.

in 2012, Ulla Taipale was invited by University of Helsinki (Division of Atmospheric Sciences) , research coordinator Eija Juurola to take part to the Climate Whirl project, to develop and coordinate the artistic contents of the initiative.

Climate Whirl is a dialogue between science, art and education. It aims at introducing
a holistic view on climate and ecosystem research and to increase public awareness on the interactions between climate and forests, as well as on the role of boreal forests in climate change. The project combines scientific and artistic research and introduces the results of this trans-disciplinary approach by organizing workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

Currently, Climate Whirl is a collaborative project by Department of Forest Sciences and Department of Physics (University of Helsinki), and Capsula.

The first artist-in-residence was organized in 2013, after a call for shortlisted artists. German artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis, was invited to be the first Climate Whirl artist to work in the station.  She started her residency in the woods in August 2013. During the first stage of the residency she was concentrated in collecting information, getting familiar with the research areas and interviewing station staff and visiting scientists, and in 2014 she returned for an intensive production period with clear ideas for her artwork.

In the end of the residency a 3-day Tealeametree workshop  was celebrated with international group of participants from arts and sciences.

Tealemetree Workshop at SMEAR II

The artwork Teacup Tool,  (the video above) resulting of the Agnes residency at the station, was awarded in Ars Electronica Prixars competition, in the category of Hybrid Art, where a total of 2,889 entries from 75 countries were submitted.

A central artifact in the series of works created by Agnes, is a Tealemetree Station, a table in the SMEAR II forest, merged with a pine tree, that invites to Have a Tea with a Tree. An important research method of the artist was to invite other people working in the station to spend time in the forest, and share a table with her, and with a tree to converse, and enjoy some warm tea and cookies.

In the framework of the 20 years celebration of the SMEAR II station, a public Tealemetree Station artwork is installed permanently beside a 50 and something-year old pine tree, among other research instruments and tools located in the forest. It is meant to stay for the next decades to remind people of the importance of the communication, whether it is in between humans or, in between various species.

Tealemetree Station_Photo-Agnes Meyer-Brandis

The Climate Whirl artist-in-residence and the permanent Tealemetree Station are supported by Kone Foundation and the Research Raft – Insitute for Art and Subjective Science. Special thanks for Kat Clear for the assistance during the second residency period.

The 2nd Climate Whirl Workshop Call for participants is open!

Call for Participants
Climate Whirl Workshop II
8-10th April, 2015
Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, Juupajoki, Finland

Albedo Dreams, Mari Keski-Korsu, 2012

The Art of Measuring the Woods
by University of Helsinki forest researchers and artist Mari Keski-Korsu (FI)*

University of Helsinki / Department of Forest Sciences and Department of Physics and Capsula
are proud to invite students and professionals of life sciences, arts, design, crafts, architecture and other interested
for a three day workshop at Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, Juupajoki, Finland
8-10th April 2015.

Workshop outline
The second Climate Whirl workshop combines practical and philosophical questions around scientific measuring in a forestry field station. It will introduce the participants methodologies used in the natural-scientific and eco-socially engaged artistic research.

This hands-on workshop introduces the participants to the construction of scientific and DIY tools for measuring and converting the forest into the data. We will build chamber systems, calculate the albedo and the growth of the trees, and discuss artistic and scientific approaches to the climate change studies, and, analyze the collected data. Participants will get experience how the theoretical thinking of the researcher affects the results he/she will get.

The 3-days workshop happens mostly outdoors, in the woods surrounding the Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station facilities. The first Climate Whirl workshop, lead by German artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis was celebrated in August, 2014.

Please send an email to by Monday 2nd March, to register to the workshop. Title ” Climate Whirl Workshop 2015″ and your name. We would like to have max 100 words description of you and your motivations to take part to the workshop. Max 15 participants will be selected.

The selected participants will be informed by 16th March 2015 and prepared with more detailed information of the workshop.

Accommodation during the workshop will be provided for the participants as well as the transportation to Hyytiälä Field Station from Orivesi train station.

The workshop is part of ongoing Climate Whirl project. It has been supported by
Kone Foundation, University of Helsinki, Aalto Biofilia and Institute of Art and Subjective Science.

Climate Whirl is a dialogue between science, art and education. It aims at introducing
a holistic view on climate and ecosystem research and to increase public awareness on the interactions
It is a collaborative project by Department of Forest Sciences and Department of Physics (University of Helsinki),               Simosol Oy and Capsula.

*Biographies of the workshop leaders
Elisa Halmeenmäki is MSc and PhD student of environmental sciences, and her research is about methane emissions in boreal forest. The main method is chamber measurements, from forest floor and trees. As environmental scientist she has a diverse background of studies related to environmental protection.

Kourosh Kabiri  is forester with background studies in forest silviculture in Iran. Currently he lives in Finland and is a PhD student in the Forest Ecophysiology group at University of Helsinki where he is studying the structural regularities in Scots pine in Hyytiälä Research Station.

Mari Keski-Korsu is an interdisciplinary artist who explores how ecological and socio-economical changes manifest in people’s everyday life. How macrocosm becomes microcosm and vice versa? Her works have a political nature but they tend to also have a humorous twist. Often, the starting point is in location, a place and people’s relations to it and collaborations with different kinds of communities and individuals – including other species. She is interested in relations in between art, activism, politics and science. Her work has been exhibited in Europe and in many other countries around the world.

Janne Korhonen is an atmospheric scientist, working as a doctoral student at Department of Forest Sciences at University of Helsinki. His main research interest is transport of organic and nitrogen compounds inside forest, as well as between forests and the atmosphere. In addition to research, Janne is working on Climate Whirl concept, focusing on intersection between arts, popularization of science and science education.

Photo: Albedo Dreams by Mari Keski-Korsu

Tealemetree* Workhop in the Woods

In the end of August Capsula is co-organising a workshop in the woods of Juupajoki, Finland. It results from the artist residency of  Agnes Meyer-Brandis in the University of Helsinki Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station.

Call for participants is open until 24th June and the workshop takes place on 29th -31st August, 2014.

Sample collection with a spoon, Hyytiälä forest research station, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, 2013

Sample collection with a spoon, Hyytiälä forest research station, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, 2013

TEALEMETREE * Workshop by Agnes Meyer-Brandis 29-31st August, 2014

The workshop starts as an expedition into the forest and the SMEAR II station at Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, Juupajoki, Finland. It continues as a journey into the soil, into the trees, into the clouds and the hovering matter in between, finally leading the participants into the realm of smallness.

We will investigate the experiments and data production archieved at the forest-research station of Hyytiälä. We will develop our own experiments and take samples of the invisible. On the way we will collect berries, data, aerosols and questions and try to trade and communicate them.

As this communication ideally would be mutual between the harvesters and the harvested we might have to develop new languages.

Beside that we are going to have a tea with a tree.


Tea=a traditional beverage made from steeping the processed leaves, buds in water.

Telemetry=The word is derived from Greek roots: tele = remote, and metron = measure.

Tree=There is no universally recognised precise definition of what a tree is, neither botanically nor in common language.

If you are interested, sign up here:, title your email with  ” Climate Whirl Workshop 2014″ and your name.
We would like to have max 100 words description of you and your motivations to take part to the workshop.
Max 15 participants will be selected, University of Helsinki students and stuff are prioritised.
The selected participants will be informed by 30th June 2014 and prepared with more detailed information of the workshop.


Back to Capsula

Hardly any posts have been published in this site during the last three years. Capsula people have been busy with intensive projects and the “home capsule” has been abandoned. The summer 2014 will activate the blog, but first I must look back and tell about what Ulla Taipale and Merja Markkula have been doing after Capsula Curated Expedition project was organized in the framework of the Turku2011 European Cultural Capital year.

In 2011 Ulla Taipale was approached by Aalto University in Helsinki/Espoo to set up a laboratory and program dedicated to biological arts, in collaboration with the founders and directors of SymbioticA – Centre of Excellence for Biological Arts Ionat Zurr and Oron Catts.

Biofilia – Base for Biological Arts was officially opened in February 2013 in Otaniemi Campus, Espoo. The same year Biofilia hosted five hands-on workshops interrelating artistic and scientific research and thought. The workshop were led by Oron Catts&Ionat Zurr / Biotech Art Workshop, Leena Valkeapää / The Biology of Snow, Christina Stadlbauer&Lina Kusaite / Melliferopolis Workshop II: Understanding the Essence of Flowers – Exploring Pollen, Andy Gracie / Drosophila titanus- Designer Babies and Marc Dusselier/NanoHacking: Converging Life and Tech at the Nanoscale.

Ulla run two academic courses for Aalto students together with Biofilia lab manager Marika Hellman, in fall 2013 Biofilia: Art and Biosciences Course and in spring 2014 Dinner´s ready course, that culminated with incredible Cook Show ArtMeatFlesh Helsinki at Flavour Studio at Abattoir, Helsinki.

This year Ulla will continue working on the research projects Melliferopolis-Honeybees in Urban Environments with Christina Stadlbauer and Climate Whirl Project with University of Helsinki researchers Eija Juurola and Janne Korhonen, so it will be again a year full of interesting activities.

Merja Markkula decided to bring Kuusisto Manor House in Kaarina in life and is organizing the second Kuusisto Art Manor exhibition with lot of activities during the summer season 2014. The exhibition topic is Water and it is open until the end of August 2014.







Rescue Boat Baltic Sea / Pelastusalus Silakka (fin) exhibited in Huuto Gallery

Silakka, the brave catamaran made out of waste, has been invited to be part of the Estomania exhibition in Huuto Gallery in  Helsinki, Finland.


Poster of Estomania exhibition.

Poster of Estomania exhibition.

The 2013 Estomania begins with a festival during the opening weekend (Fri 25 Oct – Sun 27 Oct), which includes not only the opening ceremony but also performances poetry, music and circus acts by both Estonian and Finnish artists. ( ) …It is about the joy of doing things together, the relevance of art, romance, friendship, beauty, rebellion and glamour. 

Silakka artists Teemu Takatalo, Tommi Taipale and Juha Mehtäläinen recently published a book about the journey of the raft during 2010-2013, and this book is sold in the exhibition but also in different spots in Helsinki and Tampere.

After the book launch, celebrated in Tampere in 10th September, the artists parked the raft on 12th September on the pier of Helsinki Market Square for a sunny afternoon, where the book was promoted for by-passing citizens of Helsinki.

Sorry, the rest of the text only in finnish:

Syyskuun 12. päivä, 2013 Pelastusalus Silakka rantautui Helsingin keskustaan. Turun kulttuuripääkaupunkivuonna 2011 turkulaisia viranomaisia riemastuttanut alus kellui kesäisen syyspäivän Kolera-altaassa, nyt lastinaan miehistönsä Takatalon, Taipaleen ja Mehtäläisen taiteilema parisataasivuinen kirja, jonka sivuilla katamaraanin kannella purjehtineiden kutsuvieraiden painavat mietteet ja Itämeren suloja ja kauhuja esittävät valokuvat ovat kovien kansien välissä. Jos haluaa nähdä missä tilanteissa keskustelut käytiin, dvd kirjan mukana tekee tapahtumapaikat konkreettisiksi. (

Eiran ja Kauppatorin välillä jaloittelevat paikalliset ja turistit lehteilivät uteliaina uunituoretta kirjaa, saaden näin syyn jäädä tarkastelemaan aluksen yksityiskohtia ja arvailemaan sen merikelpoisuutta. Väittäisin näkeneeni useamman iäkkäämmän mieshenkilön katseessa kaihoa, välähdyksen toivomuksesta seikkailuun…kaihosta joka on helppo kätkeä miehekkääseen hymäilyyn nuorempien saavutuksen edessä.

“Tuo on kyllä arvokas vene”, kommentoi parikymppinen mies ja jatkaa; “ihanko totta olette sen itse tehneet? Ihan käsityötä.” Hän palaa hetken päästä takaisin ja tuo mukanaan tyttöystävän, jolle hän haluaa ehdottomasti esitellä veneen ihan kannelta käsin. Vilpitön ihailu kuultaa hänen sanoistaan.

“Onko täällä Silakkaa myytävänä?” Kysyy vanha rouva. “Koska ne silakka-markkinat alkaa?”

Samana päivänä Hakaniemen hallissa kertovat että silakka on pyyntikiellossa.

En voi olla heittämättä tähän otetta Richard Thompson Coonin tekstistä How fares the art of organic living?

As members of our mature, gender-sensitive Baltic democracies, as stewards of the Baltic Sea, as citizens of the world, as neighbors, sisters and brothers, we welcome competition that demonstrates our abilities to find satisfaction through the lowest possible consumption of energy and natural resources – that our grandchildren, here and in the Global South, may live full lives.

Love is nothing if not a pro-active mixture of passion and compassion, but passion, thus also compassion, is hopeless if not dangerous in the absence of respect for ecosystems. We love to build in good, local wood, with bricks from glacial mud. We love root tar, pine soap, soft boreal water, mats from old linen bed-covers and tractors that out-last their purchasers.

We love living with the seasons. We love our berries and mushrooms, our own strong apples, plums and pears. And what about the Baltic Sea?

Like fresh bread, the price of fish is going up. Like the parched, degraded grasslands of central Russia, the Baltic Sea is producing less and less edible human food. Why?

What is happening in the mud at the bottom of the sea tells the story of love – the story of who and what is controlling our emotional and material input and output.

Every Baltic citizen can demand, has the right to demand and must demand fresh, organic food from within the Baltic Basin. We only need to demand just that and we will find that we are able, together, to correct the sustainable development equation.

Richard Thompson Coon, Suomenlinna, July 2010 ( read here the entire text)

Pelastusalus Silakka-kirjan voi ostaa suoraan s-postiosoittessa

tai kirjakaupoista Helsingissä ja Tampereella:

* Tamperelta Tulenkantajien kirjakauppa, Hämeenpuisto 25, puh: 045-3489688, email:

* Helsingissä Mustan kanin kolo, Hämeentie 28 sekä kaikista Rosebud kirjakaupoista, esim. Kiasman kirjakauppa.

* Verkkotilaukset: Palladium Kirjat – tai suoraan Silakan miehistöltä

Kirjan hinta on 35€ (+tilatessa postikulut 5€)