Some feedbacks and images from Biorama- Hike and Sessions:

..but just wanted to thanks so much for a wonderful, interesting & stimulating day yesterday ..
Louise K Wilson, artist and Biorama Hiker


…little tired I have to admit, but happy about the last two days full of new impressions, I just uploaded the pictures from this weekend on my laptop and had to smile, I really enjoyed exploring mars (“den” dissappeared), looking for sattelites and and …. to be in this meeting/accumulation of very interesting artist and works, this was really a very special group and mixture and also the format I realized I found really generative / procreation.
Agnes Meyer-Brandis, guest artist in Bioram Sessions and Biorama Hiker


We found it enjoyable, stimulating and interesting. I have put the Biorama Hike and Biorama Sessions online:

Laura Cinti and Howard Boland (C-Lab) guest artists in Bioram Sessions and Biorama Hikers

…it was a real pleasure meeting everyone… it was a real struggle getting our arses in gear but it ended in delight.

Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson (London Fieldworks), guest artists in Bioram Sessions


was great, thank you. A really good introduction to that kind of work for me, since I only knew a little bit about a couple of those people (and nothing about the frogs and elves, for example, both of which I really liked), but also seemed a very impressive line up to get in Huddersfield and in the Mill.

Andrew Wilson, poet, artist, BLINK

it was a truely fabulous day – thank you

Kira O’Reilly artist and Biorama Hiker


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