Ars Bioarctica – biological art activities in an Arctic Station

The first finnish Bioart Seminar (29-31 May) is taken place in Kilpisjärvi Biological Station (Faculty of Biosciences in Helsinki University), situated in the mountain birch forest zone near the 70th parallel of northern latitude (69°03’N; 20°50’E) in the northwesterenmost part of Finland.

The principal aim of the station is to promote biological and geographical research in the north, and to provide students of biology and geography with information about natural phenomena in northern lands.

During the Seminar the Finnish Bioart Association is going to founded and there is a real time connection to the Hybrids: Reflections on Science and Art -Conference, held in Porto, Portugal on 31st May.

Programme Kilpisjärvi Bioart Seminar

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