The blog has been abandoned since many months, mostly because of my almost 100% dedication for the First Curated Expedition that finished some weeks ago. That project´s evolution can be followed in it´s own blog and I will try to improve this one – that really is in a sad condition at the moment. Too bad, time is limited in this world!

Somewhere in the vast woods of Siberia

Somewhere in the vast woods of Siberia

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  1. heloise Says:

    This would be a great shot too for ES magazine! ( we have an interview with the Director of World Resources Institute talking about the future being the rails it would suit very well!)


    • capsula Says:

      hola heloise,
      acabo de ver tu comentario en la foto.
      Si quieres usar ésta foto o una parecida que tengo de los ferrocarriles (sin o con mi ), dime algo, y te lo mando por email.



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